Local Rank Tracker

Traditional rank trackers don't do a great job of showing how a business ranks on Google Maps. The location of the searcher is incredibly important, but most of these trackers operate from a city center or at the zip code level.

A truly local rank tracker gives you pin-point precision, reflecting rankings from an exact position. Otherwise, you're getting a wildly skewed picture of how a business ranks on Google Maps.

How does the Local Rank Tracker work?

Each pin point represents a geolocated search. Every search is done as if you were standing at that spot, checking Google Maps from your phone. When the results are ready, the overall rank of each business is calculated from an average of all the search pins.

Tips for Using the Local Rank Tracker

The number of scanning pins and the distance between them are the main factors you'll want to experiment with.

With a law firm, for example, rankings drop off slowly. A top ranked law firm might appear in the Map Pack across the entire city.

A coffee shop, on the other hand, will see its rankings recede over just a few hundred meters. As a result, you'll need a tighter scanning grid to get the best picture.

When you run a scan and each pin has a similar result, you may want to try again while casting a wider net.

What's in the Full Version of the Local Rank Tracker?

The full version of the local rank tracker includes many features not shown in this demo.

GMB Rank Tracker Pricing

The full version of the GMB rank tracker is priced on a pay as you go basis.

Each scanning pin is billed at $0.02, so the cost per scan is very flexible. You can pay once and use it whenever you like without having to worry about another tool subscription.