Once the GMB Scanner has been installed as a Chrome extension, you should be able to get started without any further setup.

Any addresses that are invalid, vacant, or associated with a virtual office will be highlighted in red.  A bullet list of messages will also appear to explain why the address has been flagged.

The scanner can also export a list of flagged locations.  Any location can be flagged, regardless of whether the address raised any issues.  To flag a location, click the "Add to Redressal List" button.  A green popup message should appear briefly at the top of your screen to indicate that the location was flagged.

(Note that right now the listing must have an address in order to be flagged.)

Click the "Download Redressal List" button to download a list of all the locations that you have flagged.  Downloading the list will clear your saved locations, so that any listings that are flagged afterward become part of a separate list.

Working from the Maps Page

The extension also works on maps.google.com and should display the same information.

Note, however, that the "Add to Redressal List" and "Download Redressal List" buttons are not present on this page.  This might change in future, but is a current limitation.

CID Export Column

The export file contains a CID column, but won't be populated unless the Maps page for that location has been visited.  This is because the search page doesn't contain any CID info that the extension can use.  If you visit the Maps page, however, the CID will be automatically populated in the export.

GMB Scanner will display the CID on maps.google.com

Exported Data

A few columns in the export may need some explanation.

  • Vacant: Address was receiving mail at some point in the past, but mail delivery was stopped in the last 90 days.
  • Active: If marked as No, this indicates that the address is not yet receiving mail (i.e. a new development) or the owner has marked it inactive to stop mail delivery.
  • Commercial Mail Receiving Agent: When marked as Yes, this is a third party mail agent, meaning it is most likely a virtual office, UPS store, or other such entity.

Data Privacy

The GMB Scanner sends the following information to the Persuaded.io servers.

  • The CID, name, address, and website of each GMB listing that is viewed.
  • An anonymous and random ID that acts as a session for the user. This is necessary so that the download feature can deliver your saved listings.

No other information is collected or transmitted.