Local business owners are often bombarded with unsolicited calls and email.  While you might eventually land a client this way, wouldn't your time be better spent elsewhere?

The unfortunate reality is that even when you find a client this way, you're back to square one next time.  Building up a sustainable process over time is the better path to follow.

Find local SEO clients without cold calling

A lack of trust is the main problem with cold calling and email.  It's better instead to demonstrate knowledge and expertise.  

How can you demonstrate that knowledge to potential clients?

Case studies, like a few found on this blog, are a great way to show off your local SEO skills.  Here are just a few examples of case studies that have actually resulted in people emailing and asking about local SEO services.

Writing a case study is definitely time consuming, but it's an investment in an asset that will endure.  Of course, writing alone is not going to bring people to your content.  To top it off, unless you already have a successful website, Google is not likely to rank the content.

Fortunately, social media is still a low cost way to gain some exposure.  Getting started with something like Twitter will require patience, but with consistent posting you will make connections.

It wasn't long until posts like this started to draw some attention.  Although it wasn't an avalanche of leads, I did start to receive fairly regular inquiries.

Potential clients that find you through content are also likely to be better clients.  They will know more about local SEO, and are less likely to have unrealistic expectations.

While Twitter has been my own channel, I know others are successful with YouTube and LinkedIn as well.

Email marketing

LocalVisibilitySystem is a great example of a site that draws in clients via content. Notice how, in addition to all of the free content, the site has a newsletter sign-up. This converts visitors into potential leads, and with every email, they are reminded of the services that LocalVisibilitySystem offers.

Answer a common question

Blogging is casually mentioned as a solution all too often.  Unfocused blogging won't yield results.  Instead, use tools like Ahrefs or Mangools to find keyword opportunities.

Common questions, even if they have only a little search volume, are my favorite kind of opportunity.  The best questions are those with relatively low competition.  

If you see a site like Quora in the top ten, it's a decent bet that ranking for that topic is achievable.  The page may need a few links to rank, but not hundreds or even thousands of links, as can be the case for more difficult keywords.

No more cold calling!

Hopefully, with a few of these techniques, you won't need to consider a tactic like cold calling anymore.

Best of luck!