Local SEO experts know GMB suspensions can really hurt a small business, but these suspensions are not always easy to avoid.  This is especially true when a business owner is managing their own listing, and doesn't have the benefit of experience to know that what they're doing could trigger a suspension.

Some pitfalls are a surprise for even the experts – many local SEOs don't realize that suggesting edits on Google Maps and managing a listing with the same account can be a dangerous combination.

Suspensions seem to "surge" at times, and according to experts like Ben Fisher of SteadyDemand, Google is in the middle of a crackdown at the moment.

To help local SEO clients understand what suspensions are all about, and how to avoid them, we made this explainer graphic.  Feel free to use this asset however you like!  

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You can also download a PDF version of the graphic to share.