I'm excited to share the latest version of GMB Scanner!  You should see the updated version shortly if you already have GMB Scanner installed.

If you don't already have GMB Scanner, you can install it from the official Chrome web store. It's totally free.

So what's new?

The major new feature is the duplicate attributes view.

As you page through results on Maps, the extension builds up a list of all the addresses, phone numbers, and website domains that it has seen.  Clicking on the toolbar icon will open the attributes popup to show you a sorted list of attributes that have been seen on multiple listings.

If you've never used GMB Scanner before, here's a few screenshots to show what else it can do for spam hunting.

Flagging virtual offices on Google Maps

The extension works on google.com/maps and flags issues on both the main listing view, as well as the places detail page.  

Showing address issues on the place details page

As always, good spam hunting!  If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach me at @zchtodd on Twitter.