What is your share of the local search market?

Accurately gauging the performance of a Google My Business listing is tough. The location of the searcher is incredibly important, and rankings can change over just a city block.

Highly accurate and customizable search grids

Our hyper-local rank tracker shows how you rank across the map, as if you were searching from a phone at that exact spot. Many other rank trackers work at the zip code level, which can give a limited and inaccurate view of search visibility.

Designed for local SEO experts and agencies


Google My Business Spam Detection

Google allows users to report listings, but spotting spam and building proof takes time. We can do that for you. With the click of a button, we will build a report of all listings in the area that are using virtual offices or operating out of private residences.


Easy Reporting and Multi-Keyword Tracking

From bulk keyword imports, to automated scheduling of your scanning grids, we have the features to make reporting reliable and easy.


Flexible pricing to fit your needs

Pay as you go credits starting at $5
Power user volume discounts for $27/month (5,000 credits)

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